General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions - REV3 Days 2019


The terms and conditions hereby concern the firms’ access and participation to the business convention organized in Lille on the 5th and 6th of February 2019 called Rev3Days. They concern participating firms and people, their employees or representatives and every accompanying person (“the participants”), that wish to expand their business contacts in France or overseas. This business meeting is organized and commercialized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Hauts-de-France region. On receipt of these conditions, firms are considered aware and having accepted the terms, meaning that all participation commitment is to be treated as a purchase order for supplies and benefits granted to the participants.

2 – Benefits

Benefits cover firms’ access and participation to the business meeting Rev3Days. Participants can ask for accommodation. For all supplies or benefits granted on a non-package basis, participants are directly and exclusively responsible for suppliers’ payment.

3 – Registration 

All registration can either be made by mail or email to the CCI Hauts-de-France at the following addresses: ( or, or online on the following website: Registrations are to be treated in order of receipt. On receipt of a participation commitment, the CCI Hauts-de-France will validate the registration of participants provided that (i) every required information is given in the time limit, (ii) that every information or documents given by the firm is accurate, (iii) and that the full payment of the registration is performed during the registration. In case one of the conditions listed below is not fulfilled, the CCI Hauts-de-France may refuse to validate the registration.

4 – Price 

The costs of access and participation to the Business Convention are under fixed-price. Every package includes a restrictive list of benefits. The access and participation benefits billing represents a unique package for VAT application. All packages are to be invoiced including all taxes to firms subjected to VAT or non-subjected people living in France. However, all non-packaged benefits will be at the charge of the prescriber and the CCI Hauts-de-France shall not be held jointly and severally liable for their payment.

6 – Change and cancellation 

All registrations can be modify or cancelled before the deadline (15th of January) but remains subject to the following terms: a written notice (please keep a delivery receipt) and by email to the following address: (please keep a proof of sending). In case of force majeure such as sickness, accident, death of a participant or natural disaster, the participant can invoke one these reasons and provide a very detailed written note explaining the circumstances and also provide proof. In case of force majeure or incapacity to provide paring offers and upon examination of the request, the CCI Hauts-de-France will reimburse the registration less administrative expenses and bank charges.  

5 – Payment

For every registration, the payment can be performed according to one of the following modalities: participants living in France can send a pay check to “CCIR Hauts-de-France”, specifying the subject “Rev3Days” to the following address: CCI de région Hauts de France – REV3 Days – A l’attention de Mme Marie-Isabelle BAHCIC – 299, Boulevard de Leeds – CS 90028 – 59031 LILLE Cedex ; or by bank transfer, to the bank account n. 00016339602 specifying the subject “Rev3Days” – IBAN FR76 3002 7174 1100 0163 3960 250 – BIC CMCIFRPP, please join a copy of the banking order to the participation commitment. The packages have to be paid in one single instalment, the latest deadline is the 15th of January 2019. Payment default will allow the CCI Hauts-de-France to cancel any validation without incurring any liability to the firm, participants or accompanying people.

7 – Website – data – confidentiality – GDPR

Subject to the validation of the subscription, firms are to receive access codes from the website in order to allow them to transfer their personal and confidential data and benefit from the matching service that will match their data with the Rev3Days catalogue according to the established criteria. This access code must be used with the care and diligence of a professional and must not be disclosed to anyone but the participants of the firm. Data consultation is strictly limited to (i) a right to use in the form of consultation, excluding all types of assignments or ownership right, a non-exclusive and non-transferable right (ii) forbidding any reproduction or alteration of the data or the matching device of any kind. Any other use is strictly forbidden. However, the website benefits will exclusively be subject to the terms of this website.

8 – Responsability

The CCI Hauts-de-France delivers these benefits with the care and diligence of a professional. However, in case of force majeure or fortuitous event, the CCI have the right to apply program changes or cancel all or part of the convention without incurring any liability. The CCI Hauts-de-France excludes any liability for loss resulting from bodily injury, material and immaterial damage endured by a firm or one of the participants that would be attributable to the fault of a third party as well as any indirect damage regardless of the reason. Are considered indirect damages profit or exploitation loss and reputational damage. If the responsibility of the CCI was to be seeked in case of direct damage then it would be limited to the total amount actually provided. Concerning claims relating to immaterial benefits provided on the website, firms acknowledge and accept that the CCI Hauts-de-France cannot in any case be held responsible for the use or storage of data integrated on the website. Regarding the matching of the data the CCI Hauts-de-France cannot be held responsible, the estimate of the quality and relevance of the matching being under the sole responsibility of the participants.

9 – Insurance

Each participants undertakes to subscribe, maintain or obtain civil liability insurance from their employer, agent or by their own means to cover damages caused to third parties during the whole business convention, for damages resulting from their own actions or ommissions and those of their employees or agents or properties that they own or are under their control. They will also have to subscribe to an all-risk property policy that includes theft for the properties they own or are under their control. The CCI Hauts-de-France excludes all liability regarding damages caused by benefits insured by the selected subcontractors, especially concerning security and the installation of facilities made available.

10 – Publicity and feedback

During the convention, films and pictures might be taken by the staff or rev3days representatives or by the CCI Hauts-de-France. Firms, participants and accompanying people are presumed to agree that their image might be used during the closing event, for communication purposes or to promote the activities of CCI International and the Rev3Days for the next advertising campaigns. In case of refusal, participants have to tick the box provided for that purpose on page 1. Each participant will receive a questionnaire that they will duly complete and return to the CCI Hauts-de-France in the following 15 days, notably to indicate if trade agreements have been made or are in process following this convention.